Ariel Monserrate

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Ariel Monserrate has been training as a dancer for over 18 years. After many years of performing competitively on Take A Bow’s award winning competition team, it was time for her to graduate and move on to the next chapter in her life. It was in college where she first experimented in her role as a choreographer, which blossomed throughout her 4 years of university. She eventually became lead choreographer to SUNY Plattsburgh’s Dance Corps, earning several awards for choreography and overall production; it was in that role where her passion for dance and training other students grew tenfold. Since then she has worked as a choreographer for private clients, prospective music artists, and of course Take A Bow


Ariel has always been a friendly leader to neighborhood children, whether it be working for many years as a respected counselor at Mill Basin Day Camp, or simply being a helpful hand to Take A Bow over the years. Her most recent dance endeavor has brought her closer to her Puerto Rican roots, in the form of Latin dance. She is currently training and performing with the Latin semi-professional team, Reflejo de Lorenz. Dance has always been her biggest passion, and she is incredibly thrilled to be back home at Take A Bow as a teacher and inspiration to the young dancers of our wonderful community