Chrissy Picone

Christina Picone has fallen in love with dancing since the age of two years old. Since she can remember she loved the feeling of expressing herself through movement. After a couple of years of dancing once or twice a week she decided to further her dancing career and begin competitively dancing at the age of ten years old. Through out the years she has been given the Emotionally Committed Award, Sass and Style Award, as well as many scholarships for dance intensives. Also has been employed for a DJ Company as well as for  an aspiring singer. Christina or also known as Chrissy has moved forward and began teaching for Take A Bow performing arts center. While being a teacher at Take A Bow she has found a love for teaching children and decided to peruse a Bachelors Degree in childhood education at Brooklyn College. Christina will be able to continue her passion for teaching under the board of education.  Over the years she has chereographed multiple top ten winning numbers and overall winning dances. She is also a part of an overall winning competition team. Christina loves that she will always continue to learn and pass on her knowledge to future students.