Kristen Corbo

Kristen Corbo has been training as a dancer for 14 years and has become an award winning choreographer since joining the Take A Bow staff as a teacher and Assistant Manager. From a very young age she pursued interests in theater, singing and dance while being apart of local productions. After several years Kristen concentrated on training as a dancer while becoming a part of a regional winning team as well as a regional winning soloist.  After competing and performing for over 12 years her love for dance made her want to carry that passion over to students. Kristen is currently a student of Hunter College’s Arnhold Graduate Dance Education Program reaching to obtain a bachelors degree in Dance in addition to a Masters in Dance Education specializing in teaching certification of grades Pre-K through 12. Once graduated from this program Kristen is eligible to teach dance in several public schools in the New York State. As well as Take A Bow faculty, she handles all ages while being the dance instructor at a large summer camp where movement is incorporated to the camper’s everyday activities.  Specializing in ballet, jazz, lyrical and contemporary, she hopes to enlighten students with her passion and love for dance while being able to give them a space that they can express themselves and have fun.

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* 1406 East 64th Street, Brooklyn NY 11234 * (718)209-9064 *